Jet Tech

Fiberclassics Composite Kangaroo Conversion Fuel Tank

 This tank is designed by Tam from Tam Jets to be used in the Fiberclassics Composite Kangaroo This tank is a direct replacement for the JPX propane tanks when converting to a Jet A turbine. The tank carries a total of 70oz (14"long, 3.5" diameter).The tank comes assembled and pressure tested and includes the Jet Tech O-ring style Fuel Fittings.

This Jet Tech Tank is assembled using standard 1/8" ID fuel fittings and vent.  If you need 3/16" ID fittings please tell me in the "Note" box at time of check out or email me.

If this tank will be used for gasoline based fuels instead of Jet A or kerosine fuel then you must also order Gasoline Proof in addition to your tank order.  This will notify Jet Tech that gasolione proof resin must be substituted.